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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Get into it lol !

Sometimes I find the most interesting things just by peeking around in the photo albums of my facebook friends. Tonight I was album diving (as I like to call it lol) and I bumped into some fun pictures taken by Kolby . I will admit that I am a new comer to the whole vintage thing. Only recently have I began to get an itch for it and I must say.... it excites me :-) ... (get your mind out the gutter lol) .
Anywho..... Kolby is a freelance stylist and his own style is eclectic, and fun! You just have to see him walking through campus! Ya can't help but look! But cutting to the chase, I just wanted to show ya'll some pics he took for his facebook album... so enjoy.

A fierce pic he took of his sis Kayla.... I was really feeling this one... it screams celebrity status .... don't cha think? Can you say paparazzi lol!?

Now I don't know wheeeeeeere in the world they got that wig from but girlfriend is definitely doin' the damn thing! I don't know too many people who can pull that off!!! And I DEFINITELY want that necklace!

And this was certainly fierce. I love that blue blouse I know that much !

And of course I can't close out this post without letting you take a peek at the man behind the madness :-)

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  1. Hm, I'd definitely like to work with him...too bad I don't have a Twitter.