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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I never woulda thunk it!

I will be the first to say that I am not a big fan of harem pants HOWEVER I have definitely seen them pulled off nicely a few times over the past few months .... so I won't cast them out completely because they certainly have potential... put I definitely think ya gotta have the swag to pull them off! And I neeeeeever would have thought I'd see a guy in them and actually think that they look GREAT! But I guess you can't predict the future .....

Photo source: http://lookbook.nu

Get into it lol !

Sometimes I find the most interesting things just by peeking around in the photo albums of my facebook friends. Tonight I was album diving (as I like to call it lol) and I bumped into some fun pictures taken by Kolby . I will admit that I am a new comer to the whole vintage thing. Only recently have I began to get an itch for it and I must say.... it excites me :-) ... (get your mind out the gutter lol) .
Anywho..... Kolby is a freelance stylist and his own style is eclectic, and fun! You just have to see him walking through campus! Ya can't help but look! But cutting to the chase, I just wanted to show ya'll some pics he took for his facebook album... so enjoy.

A fierce pic he took of his sis Kayla.... I was really feeling this one... it screams celebrity status .... don't cha think? Can you say paparazzi lol!?

Now I don't know wheeeeeeere in the world they got that wig from but girlfriend is definitely doin' the damn thing! I don't know too many people who can pull that off!!! And I DEFINITELY want that necklace!

And this was certainly fierce. I love that blue blouse I know that much !

And of course I can't close out this post without letting you take a peek at the man behind the madness :-)

Wanna see more? Wanna know more? Tweet him!


Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Ahhhhhh I'm on the fence!!!!

So as some of you know (because I mentioned it in a recent post), I have another blog, I not have 2 shops and 2 twitter accounts! I think that might be a bit much lol. I was trying so hard to keep things separate as not to cause clutter between my handmade items and the vintage items. But I think I may need to condense because I just can't keep up with all of this separate stuff lol. I think it may work out fine as long as I have two separate shops but keep everything else combined (ie: 1 blog and 1 twitter account). I dunno what I was thinking doing that in the first place lol. I'm always trying to be super woman! I dunno I might be able to keep the other blog... and just update it whenever I can . But as far as twitter goes, I dunno I think I might delete the vintage vixen account and just stick with my original one. What do ya'll think about this?
I think my whole concern was trying not to confuse people and mix things up to much. But I think I may need to just a tad for my sanity's sake! :-)

Friday, March 12, 2010

So I posted a few new things today

I still have a bag full of things to get on the site. But it's going to take me some time to take all the photo's and take measurements. But here is one item that was listed today!
This is actually a skirt! But I liked it as dress so much that, that's the way I presented it. Talk about versatility :-) !

Bloggin' on the bus lol

Soooo I'm on the bus right now and I just felt like making a little post :-) .
I'm just coming back from hunting down some suuuuuper cute pieces for the site! I can't wait to show yall what I got :-)! Still no luck with the jewelry yet though :-/ . But I did find a bunch of cute purses and wallets! And I got this awsome cape sort of jacket and a silk sequin shirt that is definitely THE BUSINESS! I know you are probably thinkin' "I want to see the pictures"! Lol in due time, I probably won't be able to get them listed until after my spring break. I'm going home to DC in the morning, but I'll be back in about a week. Soooo at least you have something to look foward to right :-) . Anywho that's all I wanted to talk about right now, besides I'm about to get off at the bext stop so I'll talk to ya later!!!!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

What's to come!

So I am determined to keep up with this blog lol. I have a little habit of starting blogs and letting them linger sometimes. But I am determined not to do that with this one lol.
Sooooo what do I want to talk about? mmmmmmmm well I'll start by letting you all know that I will be adding more things to the shop over the next couple of weeks. I REEEEAAAALLY want to find some nice jewelry though, that is my goal! I love nice vintage jewelry... it can really complete a look if you have the right accessory ya know?! So definitely be on the look out for that! I've found it difficult to find jewelry that is worthy being listed on the sight. I know that's sounds a little snobby but hey, I wan't ya'll to get the BEST!!!! :-) That's not so wrong is it?

Oh and I just wanted to throw it out there that I am definitely open to suggestions of how to make your shopping experience with Vintage Vixen more pleasant, as well as different styles pieces you would like to see in the shop...

Let's seeeeeee what else is in this brain of mine at the moment :-/ .... oh yea, I would looove to start doing a look book on this blog! I think that would be so fun to do! And more engaging as well. My only dilemma with that is time.... time is not my friend I swear! Things are a bit hectic with school, work, and running my other site Wild Child Dzigns ...
But excuses aside I am definitely going to try to make that happen! It'll help me work on my photography skills to, so that's always a plus!

I would like to close every post out with an "item of the day" from each of my sites...

From Wild Child Dzigns


From The Vintage Vixen


Monday, March 1, 2010

Introducing "The Vintage Vixen"!

Hey everyone!!!! I am so excited to start this new blog! Some of you may already be familiar with me from Grandma's alter ego where I promote my handmade items.
I decided to start this new blog along with a brand new shop to focus one ALL vintage!!! I was debating keeping everything together. And who knows, I may revert to that option. but I wanted to try this out before making my final decision. I just figured vintage has a whole different type of appeal than handmade item (like those that I sell). I hope you all enjoy this new blog and I look forward to getting to know you!